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Gaming has always been a part of my life. I also have a special place in my heart for pixel art and tabletop games. Below are just a couple of concepts I've come up with over time. 

Adventure Character

This guy came from an open world Zelda-like game I had stewing in my head. This guy would travel the countryside of America and find hidden treasures and encounter wild animals. I wanted to create a number of expressions to represent the different states he could fall under. LIke Poisoned or feeling angry and excited

Match-3 Kaiju Game

The concept here was to create a matching game where you pilot a giant robot and fight kaiju (giant monsters). Each corresponding color would initiate a certain attack that your robot has.

Once the red meter depletes, then it's the monster's turn to attack!

Card Game Concept

For a while I was developing a series of simple vector characters that were inspired by classic fantasy tropes. Low and behold I ventured into monsters, army troops, and unique items. 

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